Reality will be Mirrored, like the Image of a Rural Village in a Motionless Pond

Paul Wiersbinski, Berlin/Germany — Okt 14, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Reality will be Mirrored, like the Image of a Rural Village in a Motionless Pond

Portfolio: portfolio-paul-wiersbinski

Concept text: During my Web residency I will visualize complexity in its purest form. Just look around you: Server halls heat up the ice desert while mimicking optimized brains. Underwater see cables immerse 3D models to ignite handcrafted industries. Evolutionary algorythms grade scientific papers on artificial intelligence. Images of artefacts are put on instagramm just to materialize in the vaults of museum storages. By aggregating from one state to the next, information does not only change form but meaning. Random packages of bytes drive by and leave the odor of shitstorms. Zones of hyper focus and depression fade into each other to create the constant flow of newsfeed streams. Quotes from interviews with plastic surgeons and celebrity porn stars are recited on digital gravestones. Every translation creates a mirror, which reflects and vaporizes the initial purpose. There are now two half-real worlds, which consume, digest and spit out each other in a never ending feedback loop. One is fuled by the synthesis of the all-embracing art form our reality has become, the endless desert of the culture put into gated habitats on the concrete planet. The other is the mixed and merged fantasie of monsters, machines, plants and human beings filling the incompleteness of the real world with their imagination. We thought we could get rid of it, but we could never forget. Our minds, notice boards and apartments have been vandalized by the sharing economy and the hyper mediatized dream machine.

Short Bio: I studied video art with Mark Leckey at the Städelschule in Frankfurt (Main) and currently live and work in Berlin. My work has been presented a.o. at: “RECORD > AGAIN!”, ZKM Karlsruhe (2009), “Encore”, Museum of Modern Art Zollamt, Frankfurt am Main (2011), “The indifference of Wisdom”, NURTUREart New York City (2013), “Risk Society”, MOCA Taipei (2013), “Monitoring”, Docfest Kassel (2016). I write a PhD on the topic of “A total mirror-world : The all-embracing artform of computer games“.

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