Giuseppe Ruffo, Naples — Okt 19, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Silence

Portfolio: giusepperuffocv

Silence can be the result of a lack of condition noises, chaos or confusion, is a form of speech without words but perspicuous. It can therefore constitute a special force, having as meaning an explicit message.
Leopardi imagines the silence as an entity that fails to go beyond the human dimension and its perception of reality, until you come to a profound stillness in the boundless spaces. “Human silences, and deepest quiet I thought I pretend in” (Leopardi, The Infinite).
Silence can be distinguished into two categories: the natural, harmonic balance produced between living beings and the human silence, which may represent a behavior intended to indifference, evoking, and in some cases crossing the fine line between coexisting the human and the inhuman.
The art is one of the most sublime human activities, has an ability to communicate which allows to express themselves even without the emission of sounds, managing to turn to emotional states arise.
The works may be the artist’s unconscious part that comes out during the creative act, reflecting later on their moral values, cultural and ethical.

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