Streaming Values

Gertruda Gilyte & Justina Jokubaityte, Vilnius/Berlin — Okt 21, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Streaming Values

Portfolio: gertruda-gilyte-justina-jokubaityte-portfolio

~Devotion, faith, truth, balance, peace, integrity, stability, love, dignity, commitment, honesty~
We would distribute grant money for 5 to 10 volunteers who would agree to get the tattoo and live-stream making process of it on one of the live-stream platforms. Tattoo should be one written word which refers to value which is most important for participant. Money would be spent on tattoo-artists work.
We did this already once : fascinated by endless-stream of thousands of one-word tattoos made and published on Instagram and Pinterest every day, we decided to make a tattoo of one of the most commonly mentioned “eternal values” – HARMONY and stream this process online through “Periscope” app.
We want to continue this project and with the help of web residency, integrate more bodies to participate and more values to stream. The main part of this project is the moment of live-stream, the ambitious effort to reach eternity (one of the common associations with tattoos and the values which are referred as being eternal) in the very temporary-contemporary context.
This project is about very thin lines between privacy and publicity, eternity and temporariness and what an important role internet plays in that, which is scary, beautiful, pathetic and very serious at the same time.

Gertruda Gilyte (b.1992) and Justina Jokubaityte (b.1991) met in Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. Since then they are working in Vilnius and Berlin -on and in internet- using artistic and social research methods.

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