Suprainfinit: The Now

Jonathan Kandolo, Johannesburg/South Africa — Okt 13, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Suprainfinit: The Now

The project I would like to embark on is entitled: “The Now”. The project is a philosophical quest to unearth endless possibilities of being in the Now moment. I would like to document events as they unfold in real-time through photography, poetry, illustrations and motion graphics to capture the now moment.
The community around the residency will play a major role in the project, since the locals will become protagonists in my artwork, as an attempt to bring about social cohesion. I take photographs of the locals in their daily routine in order to capture the now moment. The photographs will act as blueprints to create the illustrations for the Now project.
The Now project encompasses time, existence and form in pursuit of unraveling the social and emotional impact the now moment has on the community.
The project will comprise of three elements that are interconnected, these include: Time, existence and form.
First Element: Time
This element deals with the Past, Present and Future.
Time also births the ideology of the Spirit which deals with one’s pre-existence, inner-self and after-life.
Time will also embody hyperrealism (the spiritual realm).and eternity.
One’s Spirit and all of its constituencies dwell in the fourth dimension.

Second Element: Existence
This element deals with one’s identity, idiosyncrasy and consciousness.
Existence also births the ideology of the Soul which deals with one’s inner-vision, insight and intuition.
Existence will also embody neo-realism (the mental realm) and an outer-body-experience.
One’s Soul and all of its constituencies dwell in one’s third eye (mind).

And finally, the third Element: Form
This element deals with the human anatomy from skeleton to flesh.
Form also births the ideology of the body which deals with the coexistence of life and death.
Form will also embody realism (the physical realm) and mortality.
One’s Form and all of its constituencies dwell in the third dimension.
At the end of the residency I anticipate to have complete illustrations portraying the now moment . The illustrations are going to be mounted on canvases.
I also anticipate to compile a collection of poetry that will act as a blueprint to decipher the hidden messages encoded in each illustration.
The illustrations and poetry will set a a guideline for the animation aspect of the Now project in order to give life and more meaning to the images.
My primary objective is to unravel the social and emotional impact the now moment has on the community at the end of the project.

Artist Biography:

My name is Jonathan Kandolo and I am a visual artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was born on the 18th March 1992 in Kolwezi (D.R.C) and moved to South Africa in 1996.
I specialize in visual arts, however I also incorporate multiple art disciplines such as poetry, photography, music and motion graphics to create unique artwork. I have a keen eye for detail which is evident in my art. I decided to become an artist because I have an undeniable urge to document my thoughts and express ideas through art on a daily basis.
My primary goal as a creative is to offer innovative solutions to social and environmental issues through art at a global scale. I thrive to bring about peace and unity in society and humanity as a whole through my art. I am an adventurous creative who loves to diversify and experiment with design.
I am currently working on an art project entitled: “Breaking the 4th wall”. The idea behind this new endeavour is to initiate a direct conversation between the audience and artwork. The project consists of animated visuals that interact with the audience through dialogue and/or actions. My primary objective for this project is to break the 4th wall between the audience and artwork.
I conduct graphic design tutorials to design students on a weekly basis at a tertiary institution called Rosebank College. I took on the graphic design tutor position in order to inspire and encourage design students to use their creativity and thrive for authenticity when creating art and corporate identity designs. I also advice the design students to establish their own unique signature style and I help them refine their artistic skills.
My art creation process comprises of five steps. The first step is the first part of the pre-production phase which involves: documenting ideas through poetry and taking photographs of people, places, and/or things (depending on the project) which I use as a source of reference and inspiration. The second step is the second part of the pre-production phase which involves: creating a series of sketches derived from the photographs and poems in order to birth new ideas and possibilities. The third step is the first part of the production phase which involves: using the scanned sketches and photographs as reference and inspiration to create my illustrations digitally. The fourth step is the second part of the production phase which involves: using the complete illustrations to create 2-dimensional animation footages. The fifth and final step is the post-production phase which involves: composing background music and sound effects that will enhance the animation.
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