Kirill Tulin / Tallinn, Estonia — Okt 24, 2016

Portfolio: Tulin_portfolio

The State evaporate into The Cloud bit by bit
decrypt rain deplete into the ocean drop by drop
the ocean rise & inundate global infrastructure level by level
blur ter(r)apixel sovereignties pixel by pixel
all step by step but at the speed above the speed of light
so no forensics can claim back causality
so no event happen and the ocean calm as lake and with transparent water
the ship sink somewhere between time’s birth and its extinction in an instant
surviving users not remember how they get into myriads of life-saving boats
as if they be always already there in zone of permanent transit
dispersed inflated oranges in the ocean calm as lake and with transparent water
multiple franchises of the same minute make and pure squeeze
no pulp and never concentrate
refugees without a crisis
all they share is boundless fluid and the sync of the cloud pass
loop unalter around the globe white cloud in shape of a white cloud
ocean is deep and only eat out mussel shells touch the bottom
next to thick tubes with fiber-optic cables which transmit only darkness
databanks sink somewhere between time’s birth and its extinction in an instant
ocean calm as lake and with transparent water
a white-hair black-skin infant press Galaxy to ear with a red hand
as if a shell to hear but Galaxy is off and Brown not there if matter
infant body so elastic in pink Energy Accumulator Junior thermal underwear
no hint of there be no return, of a deformation plastic not elastic
we see it in ∞K and with ∞DOF
we need subtitles

Kirill Tulin born in Moscow, Russia, 25.03.1989. I studied Mathematics in Moscow State University and I worked as a reportage photographer for Associated Press
from 2011 on lives and works as an artist in Tallinn, Estonia.

“Situation of Artistic Discussion I” (collab. with A.Skodenko), Tartu mnt. 1, Tallinn, Autumn 2011
“Situation of Artistic Discussion II” (collab. with A.Skodenko), OKK/Raum29, Berlin, Summer 2012
“island / voiced” residence and exhibition, Rundum, Tallinn, Autumn 2014
“#DoorOnLinnahall”, public space installation, Linnahall, Tallinn, Winter 2014-2015
“assembly line”, installation in group show “preFFFF”, FFFF pop-up galerii, Tulika 9/11, Tallinn, Winter 2015
“7OoJ2MyeLC” work in Fotokunstimess 2015, UVKE gallery, Tallinn, Autumn 2015
“[ ]” with-in-with Konstanet gallery (EST) & Kunsthalle Linz (AT), Tallinn-Linz-Online, Winter 2016
“[ ] – Episode I” online exhibition @, Autumn 2016
“[ ] level 2” online exhibition @, Autumn 2016
“[ ] Part3, Dalla resistenza alla nube” work in Fotokunstimess 2016, Tallinn and online @, Autumn 2016
“…and suddenly we become afraid to change anything” work at Sculpture Quadriennale Riga, Latvia, Autumn 2016

artist is a guest teacher in EKA, Installation and Sculpture Department during 2014/2015/2016.

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