Symbiomorphirium: A Dark Utopia of Raw Emotion

Émilie-Christine P. Newman (luxul), London/UK — Okt 21, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Symbiomorphirium: A Dark Utopia of Raw Emotion

Portfolio: luxul-Portfolio

Rupturing the veil between the Infinite and Suprainfinit gives birth to the Symbiomorphirium, a merger of the reality that we dwell in and the limitless potentiality of the Could-be and the Maybe. Both realms feed on the essence of the other to grow and develop into versions of themselves that are unrecognisable from the source.

Our universe, the Infinite, is a segregated realm on the cosmic plane separated from the Suprainfinit by the veil that divides dimensions into their separate states of being. Over the month of November, luxul will serve to document through photos, videos and live broadcasts the gradual rupturing of that veil to give birth to the Symbiomorphirium, a realm that is potential and probability fed by the raw emotions of these two adjoined dimensions.

Photos will show the growth of structures of disjointed form desperately wrapped in the substance of the veil. Videos will document the transformation of material within the chaotic energies of this newly formed existence. Sounds and performances will be broadcast live as the effects of the merging occur to all that encounter it. Witness the work of the Symbiomorph.

luxul, created by Émilie Newman, is an entity devoted to the exploration of raw sensation through a myriad of visual, sound and performance pieces. Created live and from scratch, each ritual performed tells its own tale of an immaterial realm of emotional vortices. In combination with the harsh, abrasive sounds of luxul, her visual sensibility reflects the key themes put forward by the audio work. Newman is a UK-based Canadian artist and recent MFA graduate from the Slade School of Fine Art.

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