The End has its own End

Alexandra Mocan, Cluj-Napoca/Romania — Okt 21, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - The End has its own End

Portfolio: alexandra-mocan-portfolio

The project I`m proposing aims to assemble in a serie of images the existence and the procesual fading of the line THE END until its complete dissolvance- the beginning, the existence of a thing illustrated until the point of its complete fading into nothing. What is nothingness and how does a thing get there? What does actually mean the end? Is an ending the meeting, the contemplation with the infinite, or it s just a sort of quiet and blank absence? Can we talk about an end, about nothingness and blankness if we don t have the proof of existence, of the thing that existed before its ending, can we point at it without having any clue of what existed before?
What I would like to do is to manipulate the line THE END until it s actual fading into the white canvas.
Using inkjet transfer on canvas, I will start with transposing the line THE END onto canvas, starting from a basic B&W print. Next i will scan the result, re-print it and then I will transfer it again on canvas. The quality of the transfer will fade after the process of transfer-scan-print and so, I am going to repeat this process until there will be no more pixel left to transfer, until there will be just the white canvas exposed. I am attaching in the PDF a poor pen-drawn simulation of the idea, but i assume that the complete work will need more than 9 positions of the line THE END as i exposed in the sketch.

Alexandra Mocan
Born on 24th of May 1991 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Graduated painting (MA) in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
E-mail address:
Phone number: +400746469034

Education/ internships
*July- Oct 2015, intern at Plan B Gallery Berlin- Gallery assistant
*2013-2015, University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca- MA Painting
*2010-2013, graduated University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca- BA Painting
*Nov 2012- Mar 2013, Accademia Delle Belle Arti di Torino

*Oct-Things are temporary, but the evidence of their existence persists somehow-Cluj-Napoca, project included in the 1st WAS bienalle
*Sept- Super edition #6- Atelier 4 and Super Vienna
*Fu:bar expo- Siva Galeria, Zagreb
*Mimesis festival- Contimentalis, Art museum of Cluj-Napoca
*Jan- Artevistas prize for the young artists- collective exhibiton, Atrevistas Gallery Barcelona
*Feb- What about poor Gregor Samsa? – collective- Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest
*Mar- 60 seconds Film Festival- nominated for the jury award, Copenhague
*May- Paria, Grota Artcrypt, Cluj-Napoca
*May- Fonland video festival, Coimbra, Portugal
*May- Fu:bar expo, Siva Galerjia, Zagreb
*Nov: Power eats the soul, Juventus Contemporary Art Award- collective exhibition, Timisoara
*July- Graduate exhibition- Expo Transilvania, Cluj-Napoca
*July- Horizontal Newspaper, collective project initiated by Dan Perjovschi on a public wall in Sibiu, Ro
*Apr- Paradox, Collective linocut exhibition, Calpe Gallery Timisoara, Ro
*Mar- Roots/routes, personal project coordinated by prof. Monica Saccomandi, Manica Lunga, Accademia delle Belle Arti di Torino, It
*Feb- Square in square, personal project developed on the streets of Cherasco, It
*Nov- Illustration cover for the poetry volume `S-a zis cu noi` by George Chiriac, CDPL Bucharest, Ro
*Aug- Nine roads, collective exhibition, Cromo Gallery, Hateg, Ro

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