The Golden Brown Girls and Subterfuge in the Ladies Loo

Shannon Lewis, Berlin/Germany — Okt 13, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - The Golden Brown Girls and Subterfuge in the Ladies Loo

Portfolio: goldenbrowngirlsportfolio-oct16

The “Golden Brown Girls” web series is a socially engaged art project, a political platform that re adjusts itself to new locations and collaborators and digital distribution. It is an homage to the American sitcom “The Golden Girls” where 4 women over 50 live together post divorces, children, dead husbands etc. to reinvigorate their sense of identity apart from these things. By creating a fulfilled, alternative space fuelled by mutual support, intimacy and laughter they transformed themselves into the protagonists of a newly created multiverse.
This is a futurist Golden Girls.  We are operating in a time loop, where we reconfigure a fictional 80s world from our childhood to envision our future and change our present.
For the Schloss Solitude residency we plan to make a new episode in the ladies bathroom of Schwarzes’ Cafe. Open 24 hours and located in Charlottenburg, Berlin, it is a long-time Anarchist institution. The famed ladies’ bathroom is a retro pro-femme vision of the future teaming with jet black surfaces and psychedelic steel curves. Special details include a vulva shaped sink spouting water from its base and a heart shaped peephole between stalls for top-secret bathroom communiques.
We will be collaborating with Bavarian based artist, Sonia Barrett.
During the four weeks of the residency we plan to document and share the filming with the public on Akademie’s Instagram and Schlosspost’s FB as well as clips from past episodes.

The Golden Brown Girls project was founded in 2014 at Goldsmiths University of London by visual artist Shannon Lewis in partnership with her colleague Indrani Ashe. Soon after they invited another artist and Goldsmiths graduate, Sara Umar and an informal collective developed. We envision this project as a social machine: a method of imagining our future, a stage for our political concerns, and a way to create new social structures with like minded individuals.

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