The Nature of Things

Sarah Knobel, Upstate New York/USA — Okt 20, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - The Nature of Things

Portfolio: sknobel_portfolio_2015_large

I have been interested in looking at objects are that are insignificant, that have short-term functionality, but permanent physicality. I am particularly curious about items that are immediate, cheap and considered cute.

I focus on the use of photography and video for its ability to reprocess three-dimensional spaces and ability to document one ephemeral moment of connection and exchange between these items. The imagery overlaps between product photography with its sleek and clinical disposition and the history of the nature morte still life with its display of abundance and decay.

In many of my works the synthetic materials begin to mimic and maybe even replace our perceived ideas of organic formations and functions. I would like to continue working with this idea for the SUPRAINFINIT: l’Avenir redux web residency at Schloss Post. In particular, I want to create moving and still imagery that emulate traditional and futuristic landscapes by using only household items.

Sarah Knobel is a photographer and video artist from the USA. Her work has been featured in exhibitions national and internationally, which include Miami, Seattle, Portland, Kansas City, Washington DC, Germany, Belgium, Hungary and Greece.

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