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Asiya Nayeem, Kerala/India — Okt 24, 2016

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1 in 3 women worldwide.
5 children die everyday.
20 people per minute.
These are the statistics on abuse. It’s clear how pressing this matter is- why hasn’t an intervention taken place already? It’s shocking that as the world moves forward with inventions and richer lifestyles, our compassion dulls down to a numbing apathy. And without compassion, we might as well be moving backwards.

This is for them- the abused and the marred. I hope to create a series of short fiction prose that highlights the victims of this vile crime. It features characters from various stages of life stuck in an abusive environment and looks into the mental trauma they face. Each prose is narrated by a different victim and this close perspective would shake readers and bring them to understand the victims a little better. My main focus is to give readers a peek into the plight of abuse victims. I hope to make readers a little more empathetic and tone down the habit of victim blaming that is prevalent in our society.

Asiya Nayeem is a freelance writer based in South India. She helps millennials to build their brand identity or to figure out their passion before a career crisis awakens. She is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree in french and spends her weekends as a photographer or with complex novels. Asiya is a PR and content lead at an art organisation and volunteers her time with a social sector start-up for shelter youth. She hopes to develop fiction series in the near future that highlight issues like abuse and mental illness.

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