Virtual Galerie Verticale

Emily Ottinger, Roxbury Massachusetts/USA — Okt 17, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Virtual Galerie Verticale

Portfolio: eottinger-worksample-schloss-web

Once there was a gallery. It was a vertical gallery, located in a stairway on a street named Kenilworth in Roxbury Massachusetts, USA. Two curators wished to invite others to take part.
The brick brownstone in which the stair was located was owned by the first curator and the second had produced the art.

On the surface the first exhibit was a success. The paintings depicted scenes of the subway, of the horizontal and of modern malaise. The passengers were trapped in their daily routine on their daily route. They wished to break free.

Sometimes fish or birds appeared in these paintings and sometimes in the gallery. The gallery was in fact a zoo, but not a normal zoo, a vertical one. This is a space that will be transmitted to the world. The stair is an ordinary one in place and time, yet so much more.

The stair serves two apartments on upper floors and the curator lives on the first floor. Changing, always changing, it is a place of exhibition, a place to create art and a place of the unreal. New people come and go, strangers and friends of all shapes and sizes, colors and dispositions. It is a stage and a closet.

This will be filmed, surveyed, and shared. Webcams at each floor will capture a moment of the physical of making and doing and the process of an event, yet all this is is the product of a new form of humanity, beyond judgement, a living cell in transition. Living life as a trout stream, we are fishing in America.

Emily Ottinger grew up in rural New England. She received her BA in Art from Wellesley College and her MArch from Yale University. She is a painter and architect and has spent time living and working in France, New York, and Boston where she now calls home. She plans to relocate to Mexico if Trump wins the election and considers relocating to greener pastures even if he does not, though the city is what keeps her discovering. She is co-curator of Vertical Gallery in Roxbury Massachusetts.

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