Web Meditation

Anna Tea, Lutsk/Ukraine — Okt 18, 2016

I am a photographer and I have been practicing meditation for almost 8 years now and I am sure that it influences a lot on what I am doing. My idea is to meditate with other residents online and right after meditation create the artworks/collages/photography works. During the sessions of meditation I usually see some colors, bright images appear in my mind and I try to put them in life through photography, but sometimes I can paint and draw, make short videos and write, illustrate fairytales.
I would like to spread this beautiful experience in the world and show people that those blurry, dreamy meditations can change our views and attitudes, can be inspiring to work, create, love and just become an open-minded, full of ideas personality.
So, my project would consist of different art spheres, it will just flow from my mind into the real world.

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