What is your Constructive Limit Preference?

Daniela Palimariu, Bucharest/Romania — Okt 20, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - What is your Constructive Limit Preference?

Portfolio: daniela_palimariu_2016

My contribution to SUPRAINFINIT will be a collection of limits. If the universe that you are putting together is so similar to this one, then we must also talk about them, and the process through which some become constructive and lead to great things, and others are just.. in your way.

It is nothing new that the best inventions, the brightest and simplest solutions are found when one is faced with restrictions. There is a magic moment then, when the confine is pointing you to a discovery that would have been impossible if the situation was ideally resourced. It is infinitely more difficult to propose a project, for example, when there are absolutely no limitations (time, space, budget..), than when the boundaries are basically directing you towards your decisions.

Therefore, given that your web-residency has a few, very clear confines – 4 / web / micro – I plan to see what makes some limits become constructive, and what makes others just plain annoying. During each of the four weeks I will work on a certain idea of limit – of size, of spoken words, of meaning, … – and present a diary of sketches and notes, or even an invention – if I’m lucky! – that demonstrates the immense, but understated power of that limit. The web audience can propose their preferred limits for me to work on through Insta/Fb, or I can pick them up offline. At the end, we’ll have four clearly defined dossiers, four starting points for a possibly infinite research throughout SUPRAINFINIT.

Daniela Pălimariu currently lives in Bucharest, Romania. In the last few years, her art practice has evolved towards livable objects, installations and public/private events. She presented various works at Sandwich, tranzit.ro, Ivan Gallery, MNAC, Salonul de Proiecte and Platforma Space (Bucharest), MAGMA (St. George), Kinema Ikon (Arad), Intermediae (Madrid, ES), and was an artist in residence at residency.ch (CH), The Model (IRL), Nida Art Colony (LT) and EstNordEst (Quebec, CA). In 2016, together with other artists, she opened Sandwich, an atypical artspace in Bucharest.

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