Rin Johnson, Brooklyn, New York/USA — Okt 21, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - WifiMeds

Portfolio: portfolio_rin_johnson

I have become interested in ways to animate (or quiet) a body far from from my own. I have become interested in using a smartphone as a lens to another reality, using the screen to go elsewhere. I have become interested in screens, in screening. I have become interested in the creation of an avatar as a therapeutic act or in transporting the self one transforms the self. (What if the self remains elsewhere?) I have become interested in the use of meditation as a maintenance cog in the wheels of capitalism. I have become interested in finding ways to challenge meditation’s placement as a cog, to expand upon the healing natures of the practice while remaining critical of its exploitation.

If accepted to the web residency I would create a series of bi-weekly 360 video meditations meant to be viewed on a screen (preferably a smart phone) asking users to use their device as a lens to another reality, to listen to the meditations and attempt to disappear into a new space, one in which their avatar (self) is ever shifting. Over the course of the residency I would like to sonically and visually base the meditations in 4 different familiar (stereotypical) yet non-specific realities: the city, the forest, the mountain top and the ocean. Within these spaces I will use guided meditation as my thru line. These meditations will affirm, morph and disintegrate the viewer’s perception of themselves, their body and the space their body is in; my future does not have much need for bodies.

Rin Johnson is a sculptor and poetess. Johnson has exhibited and read in Europe and the United States. Johnson is the author of two books: “Nobody Sleeps Better Than White People” from Inpatient Press and the forthcoming VR book, “Meet in the Corner” from Publishing House. Johnson founded Imperial Matters with Sophia Le Fraga. Johnson is an MFA candidate for sculpture at Bard College. Most of the time, Johnson lives in Brooklyn.

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