Cultural Journalism & Digital Media

The Cultural Journalism and Digital Media Fellowship Program, founded in 2016 and funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation, considers itself a contribution to the support of young freelance journalists who are committed to building a critical civil society, and who have a special interest in digital formats. The fellowship was created for young cultural journalists from regions in the process of transformation, or those in which freedom of the press is subject to restriction.

The program is based on a close collaboration of the invited journalists with the Solitude Journal and the Solitude Blog. The funding is designed to help journalists make cultural and sociopolitical debates which are marginalized in their countries of origin accessible to a regional and international public, simultaneously enabling them to hone their skills in the fields of online publishing and during encounters with various forms of digital journalistic production and distribution. On the one hand, the fellowship thus consolidates cultural exchange by supporting these young perspectives, while promoting a journalistic use of new technologies on the other. Since 2020, thanks to the generous support of the Carl Zeiss Foundation, it has been possible to include mentors in the program.

Selection procedure

It is not possible to apply for this fellowship.

Awarding procedure: Each year, the Akademie asks a dozen mediators from its international network to name journalists they consider worthy of support for the reasons mentioned above. In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, the journalistic quality of the work plays a decisive role.

At the request of the Carl Zeiss Foundation, the search for candidates may be limited to certain countries.

The decision is made each year by a jury of three.

Cultural journalistic articles by former fellows of the program (for the years 2014-2020) can be found archived on Schlosspost, the Akademie Schloss Solitude’s online platform, as well as in the Solitude Journal and on the Solitude Blog.



2016    Rasha Hilwi, Jerusalem/Israel
2016    Komi Antoine Feda, Lomé/Togo
2016    Yania Suárez Calleyro, Havana/Cuba
2017    Boris Gonzaléz Arenas, Havana/Cuba
2017    Azza Moghazy, Cairo/Egypt
2019    Alice Sarmiento, Quezon City/Philippines
2019    Enos Nyamor, Nairobi/Kenya
2020   Zeina Shala, Damascus/Syria (postponed to 2021)
2020   Nicolás Daniel Vizcaino Sanchez, Bogotá/Colombia (postponed to 2022)




2020    Prasanna Oommen


Coordinator for cultural journalism and digital media: Denise Helene Sumi