Issue 1 – Collective Care & Response-ability

The first Solitude Journal, with the theme Collective Care & Response-ability, features artistic works and writings in which the political, social and ethical dimensions of care and concern between humans, non-humans, other species and the material world converge. The contributions gathered here are not intended so much to provide a historical or cultural-scientific overview of the concept of care as they are to unite a close observation of the current (crisis-related) state of affairs and the voices of fellows on alternative narratives and modes of action that consolidate the common good or our planetary well-being. The articles in the journal Collective Care & Response-ability seek to create an intrinsic moment of community and involvement, as well as new principles of accountability. The authors use sensitive, radical, careful, precise and well-considered concepts, creating a web of thoughts, possible actions, and even including a sprinkling of optimism.

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