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Short festival and exhibition »Engaging with Histories«
13. March 2019 - 14. April 2019 , 12. March 2019 - 14. March 2019
exhibition, short festival

​The short festival and the exhibition follow up on the symposium »Engaging with Histories: An Everyday Life Practice«, which took place at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in March 2018. Walks, talks, screenings, lectures, readings, performances and installations open up a field of discussion at various sites around the Marienplatz in search of the potential and the significance of engaging with forgotten, marginalized, or buried histories.

Biographies & the Production of Space: Part 2
A short festival in two parts
10. March 2017 19:00 - 11. March 2017
short festival

Das Programm art,  science & business der Akademie Schloss Solitude wird 15 Jahre alt und feiert sein erfolgreiches Bestehen und die Freude am Experiment gemeinsam mit aktuellen StipendiatInnen in Form eines besonderen Kurzfestivals. 

Biographies & the Production of Space: Part 1
A short festival in two parts
10. March 2017 - 11. March 2017 , 16. February 2017 - 17. February 2017
short festival

The art, science & business program at Akademie Schloss Solitude turns 15 and will celebrate its successful existence and joy of experimentation together with current fellows in the form of a unique short festival.