Textile pages in European medieval manuscripts were designed to work as ornamented initial letters or drop caps do – to portal the reader into texts.

Elisabeth Rafstedt — Mrz 17, 2021

The prints/collages are part of an ongoing series made while reading and working.

  1. D. Bellamy (When the Sick Rule the World, 2015), Escalator from C. Akerman (Jeanne Dielman, 23 quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles,1975)
  2. S. Lewis (Full Surrogacy Now, 2019)
  3. S. Federici (Caliban and the Witch, 2004)
  4. Sappho (Fragment 134, transl. G. Davenport, 1995)

Elisabeth Rafstedt (b. 1986 in Sweden) is an artist, graphic designer, and publisher based in Amsterdam. With Johanna Ehde, she is part of the collective Rietlanden Women’s Office. Together they make the publication series MsHeresies.

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