Dissociations (Fitz Roy)

Nadine K. Cenoz’s landscape drawings are comic-like, revealing the connections between colonial expansion to narrative representations of adventure. Dissociations (Fitz Roy) is inspired by photos of mountaineers ascending the Cerro Chaltén in Patagonia. Due to Argentina’s colonial history, the mountain range is also known as Mount Fitz Roy, which was named after R. FitzRoy, the captain of Charles Darwin’s voyage to Patagonia. Darwin produced taxonomic drawings of the Indigenous people, flora, and fauna of Cerro Chaltén based on Western-Eurocentric understandings of representing, taming, and conquering the region.

Nadine K. Cenoz — Nov 30, 2022

Nadine K. Cenoz uses drawing to approach questions of subjectivity and explores the psychic and political complexities of displacement. She focuses on the (mis)translations and interstitial relations to understand the preconceptions and projections about places with their material conditions.