Marco Trotta

Stadt, Land:

Stuttgart, Deutschland

Marco Trotta, born 1978 in New York, is co-founder, managing director and spokesman of the cultural intermediate-use project contain’t from Stuttgart, and co-founder of „GmbH“. As organiser of various venues, he arranges music festivals, concerts, lectures, panel discussions, parties, film screenings and performances. He was active as a caterer for several years. Previously, together with Fides Schopp, he designed the program for the project space „2ndTake“ and was spokesperson for the „Bauzug 3YG“ studio group, better known as the „Waggons Stuttgart“. He was also editor and moderator at „Freies Radio for Stuttgart“, co-initiator of the online radio project ZIP-FM and was involved in the „Netzwerk für Demokratie and Courage Baden-Württemberg“ as part of projects in school classrooms against racism, and for a pluralistic, cosmopolitan society.