Meta Marina Beeck

Stadt, Land:

Berlin, Deutschland

Meta Marina Beeck (b. 1984, lives in Berlin) is an art historian and curator. She studied art history and German literature at Humboldt University, Berlin and graduated with a master thesis titled „Notation as a visual form of thought – John Cage, Allan Kaprow and Trisha Brown“. From 2011 to 2013 she was enrolled for Chinese language studies at Peking University, China.

During the last two years Meta Marina Beeck worked at Kunsthalle Bielefeld as assistant curator.
Among the latest exhibition projects are: »Anohni – My Truth. James Elaine. Peter Hujar. Kazuo Ohno.« (2016); »Martin Disler – Bilder vom Maler« (2016); »Whatness. Esther Kläs. Johannes Wald« (2015), all of them at Kunsthalle Bielefeld; »CC(TV)« (2014) at Galerie Herold, Bremen and »Aufwachen! Besser machen!« (2013) at Kleine Humboldt Galerie, Berlin.

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