A Gentle Reminder that I will be Rich

DIA FALUB, Bucharest/Romania — Okt 24, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - A Gentle Reminder that I will be Rich

Portfolio: DiaFalub-portfolio

Fake Gold, glitter, pink, feminine elements, fun, soft, furry toys, are just a few elements used to simulate a rich life. They are substitutes for the real deal and a hopeful prediction for the future. They are links to the past, where kitsch elements ruled, a present luxury and a symbol for the time that has yet to come. What this present and this future have in common is a continuous search for beauty and a reminder of ever growing standards and personal evolution. While my “who’s that girl?” project (wwww.thatgirlissocool.tumblr.com) represents a temporary portrait of doamnadia, the tarot cards have predicted her future and her future wealth. Based on this prediction I want to create another blog emphasizing the detailed routine of this future glamorous, wealthy girl, through visual abundance, a simulated future and a SUPRAINFINIT kitsch. ‘A gentle reminder that I will be rich’ will take doamnadia to a new level, with refined tastes and a clear identity, adding more focus on her future assets.

Doamnadia is currently living and expanding her empire in Bucharest. She represents a category of people with limited financial resources that don’t desire to ascend the social ladder, but rather search for beauty through their aesthetic choices. She uses kitsch elements in order to generate a familiar environment and to generate a living style she considers authentic.

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