AI-Mediated Production Residency

Elaine Hoey & Alan Butler / Dublin, Ireland — Okt 21, 2017

Elaine Hoey & Alan Butler, AI-Mediated Production Residency, »An AI Summer«, 2017

Butler and Hoey will present an AI-mediated residency programme, in which the human participants produce works under the instruction of a fully creative artificial intelligence system.

This AI system conceives and outputs original concepts for artworks, which can be electively produced by the residency participants. These concepts are based upon on-going critical research into, and engagement with art-historical canons. Essentially participants will carry out a set of instructions provided by the AI for the production of physical artworks in various media. For the duration of the month, the Akademie Schloss Solitude website will follow the progress of the residents. In addition to these ongoing updates, documents will be intermittently posted that reveal the decision-making process behind the design of the AI and its interface.

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