An Imaginary History of Technoscience Between the Bravo and the Suchiate River

Our site is both an open access shadow library with downloadable science fiction texts and a place for aesthetic experiments that use the library’s contents as a database. It includes a bot that produces literary fragments built from permutations of the library’s texts.

Aparato cifi / Mexico City, Mexico — Jun 16, 2021

The web residency will allow us to publish an online anthology of science fiction. We want to highlight the imaginative practices of texts written between the Bravo and Suchiate rivers, from 1692 to 1947. The anthology will be downloadable at (a first version at: In the anthology we will recreate an imaginary history of technoscience in Mexico in its relation with fabulation in scifi. It will be a resource that offers a critical overview of the library’s contents. We believe it will be useful to both academics and writers interested in scifi, who might not be familiar yet with radical open access and internet archiving possibilities. For artists and editors unfamiliar with Mexican scifi, the anthology will be an entry to the worlds these texts build. We want to show these communities the possibilities of a radical open access archive that also experiments with its own database.

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