And I Love You Dear, But Just How Long…

Carly Whitaker / Johannesburg, South Africa — Okt 24, 2016

Portfolio: carly-whitaker_portfolio

»There even is a mysterious chant luring one to enter it. Or a gospel, of a new kind, tinged with insidious hope celebrating l’Avenir.«

Love and meditation can send you into a trans-like-state in the same way getting lost on the Internet can. Navigating different sites and discovering new click bate can result in hours of lost time and in almost nothing quantifiably, productively achieved. Meditation results in space and time where only the mind is consciously inactive through focusing on one sentiment, sound or state. Through this process space is created in the mind for new resolution or new thoughts. Falling in love can feel the same way – you are filled with hope, excitement for what the other person is, what they give to you and what you can give to them and for the potential that the love holds. The love you feel fills your body and takes over your mind, often becoming all encompassing. Often you are so focused and fixated on one person it can leave little room for anything or anyone else.

What happens when this fades, when the meditative, delirious, trans-like phase of love is removed?

Love and relationships tend to be finite, they all have a life span. We search for new ones as we heal and mend our hearts over the loss of past ones. We try and shape our lives and find a love that will last infinitely in this universe, now. What happens when we do find it? What happens when we don’t? In the same way we search and click through the Internet looking for the next list that will give our lives meaning, next article on wellness and mindfulness which will help us be more centred. Meditation is a consistent practice which requires repetition, dedication and commitment. We repeatedly click. We click and swipe to find love, to find the one that will make it all come true.

In this post-digital, post-romantic, post-marital, post-blackberry, post-chronological world, the accessing of this infinite love, infinite relationship which loop eternally and never ends, a utopian container for empowering thoughts on identity, economy, politics, spirituality.

What if this infinite love doesn’t exist in this world but only in a parallel world?
What if you could access that world from this one and ensure that you had that in this world by taking something special, by conducting a ritual or casting a spell?

Previous relationships tends to disappear, all the hang-ups, the baggage and issues which leave traces in this world do not exist as you move towards the parallel world. The bleak future of being alone, of never finding love and never sharing intimacies with someone else fades away as you move towards this parallel world.

»Hope is the new oxygen.«

Project Description:

All artists operate between the natural and spiritual world, it is the purpose of this residency to achieve the same objective, to navigate between the real world, the physical and natural world and the digital, virtual and spiritual world through a series of explorations and daily iterations. Each online iteration will hopefully lead me closer to the Suprainfinit universe. If artworks could be predictive or projective, if they could rather foresee what will happen versus reflecting on the past or current sentiments then perhaps they would be able to, perhaps infinite love would be achievable.

This artwork aims to access and expand the Suprainfinit universe with ideas, fantasies, and manifestoes for rituals, dreams, exchanges, energies, knowledge, and new words for other futures focused on infinite love and beyond the finite love that we seem to have normalized in this world. Each online iteration or digital study will consist of a variety of digital media such as digital drawings, GIFs, still images, click bate, sounds, live streaming, video and generative art manifesting as a web installation or blog archive.

Each iteration will offer advice on how to access Suprainfinit, how to achieve this infinite love drawing on past experiences and re-enacting them such meditation, trawling the internet, and falling in and out of love in a projective way. They see the »fusion of magic and science / paranormal or psychic with algorithmic things made of plastic.«

The final work is about coming home, accessing this new world or future world or parallel universe through a predicable state container, offered by my residency and daily iterations. It will help other people to access the same world or state of mind in a consistent manner or different worlds from different environments.

Therefore, what would you bring to expand the SUPRAINFINIT horizon? I would bring my laptop. I could definitely find true love there.

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