Mario Menan, Brussels/Belgium — Okt 21, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Browsing

Portfolio: portfolio-marion-menan

My work can be placed at the intersection of installation, movement, and theatrical representation.
In the framework of the Webresidency, I want to continue a video work that I began for my last performance Browsing.
Browsing started with a single word, « répétition », which means both reiteration and rehearsal in french. I wanted to show in a video the principle and the process of the (artistic) research itself, and show how it could already be fiction(s).
While I was searching images on the internets, Google started (suddenly) to propose me some incredible batches of images. Touched and surprised by the digital tool, I start to make video screenshots of my researches. I continued intensively the recorded research process, making more narrow the frame on the images, making disappear the mouse, the tabs…
Browsing repeats the process of construction and documentation of the research itself. The spectator finds himself slowly transported into a complete and infinite landscape, placed between past (publications, archives, memory, …) and present (of a potential narrative), repetitions and differences, intimate and universal, sensible artistic choices and mechanical algorithmes; it has the flavour of a melancholic wandering along the non-linear roads of Google.
I want now to make a series of several videos with the same (random) method, with the aim of playing with different times and spaces : because each researching/recording process is marked and torn between the infinite possibilities of the (web) world and the specific (unconscious) place and choices of the artist.

After having spent five years in theatre and literature studies, I moved to Berlin (2011) to create a performance with the collective Wir sind nie da. In 2013, I entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels for a double degree in Art in Public Space and at the Higher Institute of Arts and Choreography. In 2016, I was in the 9 finalists of Live Works performance act award vol.4. In this framework, I created a performance, Browsing, presented in the World Breakers Festival (Centrale Fies).

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