Private: Bundled Events: Everything You Always Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

Toko Hino — Okt 24, 2016


The project consists of five Dossiers, each of them containing constructed and found moments, aphorishms, coincidences, answers, questions, actions (the realised kind), actions (the unrealised kind), ideas, problems and solutions. The contents in the dossiers are activated by points (or curves, if you prefer) of singularity.

While a skeptic may call them virtual box assemblages (to be fair, they are similar to Fluxkits in effect), they are in fact inspired by the works of Akasagawa Genpei and the Hi-Red Center (HRC) collective he founded in Tokyo in the 60s. The performances, props and members of the Hi Red Center also anticipated an eventuality that would collapse the familiar orders, as we are doing right now.

Please note that the dossiers can be used depending on the constitution of the singularity with which it is associated with. Under such an event, the dossiers can act as a guide, a chronicle, a survival kit, a shelter or even as communication signs. Needless to say, if the event is yet to arrive, they can be used as a stimulus or a provocation to bring about the same.

Since the Micro grant is $500, it is only $150 for each dossier- A very good deal.

There is no order in which the dossiers should be accessed since numbering or any such hierarchal propositions would imply an accordance to existing laws, states and notations including (but not limited to) numerals, logic and gravity.

Toko Hino is a pseudonym of a failed magician. He is a web-resident regardless of the fate of this proposal. He collects, writes and makes images. His interests are pseudo sciences and phenomenology besides schizoid preoccupations with techno-culture. He is presently working with the traces of contingent events (strange materialisations, sudden but magnificent vanishing acts) that the world is too busy to notice. He would use it at the right time to reveal a relation between Deep learning algorithms and Medieval rituals and in the process, between Donna Haraway and Sir James George Frazer.

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