Private: ‘Cactus and Other Specimens: No Time for Snapshots’

Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa / Rotterdam, The Netherlands — Okt 24, 2016

Portfolio: ppsousa_selected-portfolio

Cactus and other Specimens is an invitation to embark on a journey. It is a voyage through the universe of representations of the South. It is a guide-tour through images, songs, film excerpts and poems that refer to the South as a strange, yet overwhelming encounter. A South that has been collected, catalogued, labeled, kept in photo albums, embraced, accepted and denied.

My proposal for this web residency consists on collecting visual material that refers to this idea and along with its online publishing (facebook, Instagram, website) write a short text based on it, which will be published on the comments section. By adding a text as a comment, other viewers might feel inclined to comment either on the text or visual content. The possible interactions with the audience will become part of the writing process and hopefully influence the text, which will be written during four weeks.

Cactus and Other Speciments is based on my previous project ‘The Third Landscape’ – a research on the ‘south’ as an economical and political fictional landscape. This project resulted on a video installation, two installations and an artist book and it was presented at the solo exhibition ‘Only When the Cicadas are Gone’ at Atelier Concorde in March 2016, including their public programme.

Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa works with sound, perfomance, installation, text and artists‘ books. Her work reflects an interest on the fragmentation of memory and collective experiences. This interest is often materialised in works that explore the way this subjectivity is mediated according to different political, historical and economical moments. Her approach is subtle, deviant and poetic, using fiction and subversion to create new ways of sharing collective memory.

She presented her work in different exhibition and events, such as: Fundación Marcelino Botín, (Santander), Culturgest (Lisbon), Plataforma Revólver (Lisbon), Temporary Art Souvenirs DAI/Manifesta 8, (Murcia e Cartagena), CASCO Office for Art Design and Theory (Utrecht) e TENT Rotterdam (with the collective Oblique International), Doclisboa16’ International Film Festival (Lisbon).

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