ZERO DAY – What if everyone in the world did nothing for one day?

Varun Mathur / New Delhi, India — Jul 7, 2019

Varun Mathur, »ZERO DAY – What if everyone in the world did nothing for one day?«, 2019, Rigged Systems

In the situationist critique of official culture, the rigged game always precludes the revolution. Meaning that any dissent is always already accounted for, and eventually appropriated, sanitised, commodified, and regurgitated.

The legitimate critique, threat, and the actual undoing of the official culture cannot exist within it. Voices such as Fight Club or Rage Against The Machine or similar have none of the intended effect they propose to have since they can and have only be consumed through a lens of official culture.

To change a rigged system such as this, the intended action has to be one of total disobedience to a ›call to action.‹ Official culture is omnipresent. There are direct connections between how much time we spend on the internet/tv (attention), to what we do everyday (action), and the continuous destruction and war, both of which are very present all over the world (effect).

My proposal is to write a paper and make a small presentation that defines the individual and collective will in the present world. Then, to illustrate a ›pause‹ that can effectively create a lacuna where needed, and fill the lacunas where needed. For this, I will define individual will, and what commands it at present, and the usage of it to perform an ›outage‹ to the entire system.

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