Digital Witchcraft – Automated Oracular Poetry

I will produce an online exhibition based on the oracular poetry that my Digital Witchcraft bot has been creating over the past few months ( This bot is coded in a grammar-generative language called Tracery and uses concepts from a corpus of my own dreams and exercises of automatic writing. It is an artistic instrument of posthuman literature in which the unconscious meets the computational realm.

Danae Tapia / Rotterdam, The Netherlands — Dez 15, 2020

For this project, I want to perfect my bot by including .svg coding (scalable vector graphics) so the device can produce not only textual outputs but also visual pieces. When the new code is ready, a special full moon ritual will be facilitated and the bot will post content over one entire night. With these resources, I will engage in a curation process to present the poetry in a special site built within an open source ecosystem that meets with WCAG standards by displaying the content through visual and audio formats. My code-based oracular poetry is an example of accessible artificial intelligence. Because of the relative simplicity of grammar-generative languages it allows the makers and the audiences to easily understand the functioning of the code, which is in opposition to the usual obscurity of AI devices. Moreover, the lightness of this code facilitates access for those with slow internet connections, which is a crucial limitation in most regions of the so-called Global South. Finally, because of my own transcultural reality, my bot tends to include words in Spanish and I’d like to extend this characteristic during this residency to present a product that addresses and highlights the multilingual universes of us migrants.

Beteiligte Person(en)

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