Proxy by Choice

We are proposing a broadcasting series that explores the idea of the proxy, or in more detail what it means to witness or even act via proxy. Through sound, voice, dialogue and duration we would like to host a program of collective explorations of: the digital proxy, the anarchist bypassing censorship and restriction; corporeal bypassing or the significance of the act of acting through substitution; how artists embed and problematize proxy politics; thinking proxy as a fictioning device to be explored amongst practitioners and card players in imaginative ways.

Aurelia Co-op
Eva Kralji, Yasmin Vardi & Beatrice Vorster / London, UK — Aug 30, 2021

Aurelia Co-op, Proxy by Choice (schematic), 2021. Courtesy the artists.

We are a newborn collective of recent graduates who have joined by hosting informal talks and lectures on the moving image and by coworking on each others’ paid teaching opportunities. This opportunity would allow us to work outside of the institutional and geographically limited setting we were limited to so far, to receive the support to continue delivering collective teaching sessions, and to develop a well-researched set of engagement on the chosen theme.

Aurelia is a collective platform engaging in educational projects and experimental forms of collective research towards funding bodies, affiliations and informed making. Aurelia are jellfish wrapped information grids and other metaphoric explorations. Aurelia is Eva Kraljic (b. 1994 Ljubljana), Beatrice Vorster (b. 1994 Johannesburg) and Jasmin Vardi (b. 1989, Tel Aviv).

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