CLR6: The Sleep of Race

Rodrigo Arenas-Carter, Guatemala — Okt 24, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - CLR6: The Sleep of Race

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Dream Incubation is a technology that allows the orientation of dreams, working of the unconscious of the individual. It involves several techniques and approaches.

Starting from the studies of Dr. Barrett, this resource has been widely used to solve an specific problem, mainly mathematical ones. My question is ¿what will happen if we use this technology to work unconscious conceptualizations that affect our daily life, specially in terms of self-government and our conceptualization of world? My previous work has been focused on the deconstruction of the concepts of race and nation, but I still perceive that this conscious and rational process is not enough.

So, choosing the concept of race, I will use dream incubation as a way to enhance this deconstructive process, recurring to the following techniques: the listening of a continuous mp3 filled with race criticism ideas (mine and from other authors) and including free available documentaries regarding racism and the experience of racism from victims, as a sensory stimuli; the focus of my intention before going to bed; and don’t leaving the bed immediately after waking up.

The progressive results of how I experience the effects of this dream technique in my everyday behavior will be written, as a log, with black ink in white sheets, the sames I am going to use during this virtual performance art. The experience will last one month.

This piece is part of my series CLR, focused on the deconstruction of nation and race.

Visual Artist and writer born in Chile. MA in Literature. Fellow of a grant given by Goethe Institute of Bogota and Siemens
Foundation to participate in the performance conference Experimenta Sur 2016. Selected by the Hemispheric Institute of New York University to participate as an artist, researcher, and lecturer, at the performance meeting Hemispheric 2016. He received an honorary mention in the essay contest “Escribir a Contracorriente 2015” with a work regarding performance art.

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