Private: Daily Ritual: P versus Np

Alex Bodea / Berlin, Germany — Okt 24, 2016

Portfolio: portfolio_alex-bodea

P versus NP is a crucial mathematical problem with an unfortunate name that has kept it from becoming popular beyond the world of mathematics. It’s a problem with tremendous implications in all imaginable areas of our civilisation. If P is proven to equal NP (p=np), then the Internet will become a footnote in history, so great will be the changes.
What does P and NP stand for? P represents a class of mathematical problems that can be solved in a decent amount of time by a human/computer. NP represents the class of problems that need more than the entire life time of the universe to be solved.
P versus NP raises the question: is P=NP? Is there an algorithm, a shortcut that will make an NP problem, impossible to solve because of too much data, into a solvable P problem?
Many think that there isn’t such an algorithm. Life isn’t that simple. Life wouldn’t allow us the luxury. P=NP sounds too much like the fairy tale of life without death. Maybe death actually exists because P≠NP.
My proposal is to embark into a daily ritual of viewing a random object from the perspective of both P=NP and P≠NP. I will work with this template:

photographic image of the object

object if P=NP
(doodling, text, link to sound file, other)

object if P≠NP
(doodling, text, link to sound file, other)

and uploaded it on Balmoral’s social media pages.
It is impossible to imagine the outcome of this ritual but I expect it to be a truly imaginative doodle and to go in unexpected directions.

Romanian born Alex Bodea works at the crossroads of drawing, journalism and poetry. She documents aspects of urbanity and the theater and visual arts scene. Her drawings are to be spoken out loud, hence she frequently gives readings.
Alex Bodea has documneted institutions such as Serralves Foundation, Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Martin-Gropius-Bau, HAU, Berliner Festspiele and creators such as Benjamin Verdonck, Salomé Lamas, Karl Ove Knausgård, Peter Sellars.

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