Private: Death, Resurrection, Ascension

Miki Aurora / Vancouver, BC, Canada — Okt 24, 2016

Portfolio: miki_aurora_portfolio_oct2016

Video documenting live, unscripted experimentations in psychological trauma healing, evoking ego death, through the usage of different plant medicines. The process will involve a patient who will, under the artist’s guidance, gain access to the trauma buried in the subconscious mind. Through the process of excavation, a variety of different potential occult and spiritual modalities such as divination may be employed (depending on what is required based on the specific needs of the patient), the patient will experience a catharsis as the wounds of the subconscious are purged from the psyche. Carrying on Aurora’s myriad various forays in psychohacking, the piece will document the excavation process of trauma healing that various philosophers and theologians have investigated throughout history. Often referred to as a spiritual death, the process is said to act as a precursor to entering the ascension of human enlightenment.

Miki Aurora is a multidisciplinary artist based in Vancouver, BC. Her oeuvre presents psychological investigations that fuse cyberfeminist theory with occult practices. Her body of work is told from the perspective of a rotating roster of popular female archetypes from the media, each archetype existing as a foray into Aurora’s analysis on the symbolism of these characters within the collective unconscious. Aurora works in a variety of mediums including video, performance art, and immersive environments.

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