Electric Summer Days

Aleksandra Jovanic / Belgrade, Serbia — Mai 27, 2016

Electric Summer Days is a panoramic animation (360 degree animation), with poetic feminine subtle line illustrations, controlled by viewer’s movement.

My goal, through this work, is to make the connection between drawings and virtual immersive image spaces, merging different forms into new one. I’m hoping to achieve depth of space, in these two dimensional drawings, using parallax movement, object rotation, change of size, perspective shortening, relative sizes and overlapping of objects.
For the Schlosspost Web Residency I will start a research about possibilities for exploring 360 degree animated drawing online, on a web site. Beside, VR environment with drawings, explored in conventional ways, I find very inspiring the possibility of viewing parts of the panorama, using the position of the mouse on the screen or position of viewer in front of web camera or alternatively movement sensors.
During the residency, I will spend the 4 weeks drawing and posting online self-sufficient loop animations, that will construct the whole continuous panorama animation at the end and at the same time develop most appropriate interaction for viewing whole animation.

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