Endling is a multimedia project that explores the strengths and vulnerabilities of an operating system that attempts to connect the psyches of the earth’s population as one cohesive unit. Undermining the established order is a virus, which will infiltrate the system and thus the minds of the people, leading to the end of humanity.

Dimitris Gkikas / Berlin, Germany — Jun 16, 2021

Dimitris Gkikas - Endling

However, this is only scratching the surface. I have plans to expand this into a large multimedia project, which comments on religion, globalization and climate change, as well as the impact of new technologies on humanity such as artificial intelligence. The project requires the audience to gather data from various digital sources, from downloading files to playing a game. By engaging the audience in this way, they will realize that it’s a stark difference to the centralization of information in their own world. I would like to apply for a residency at the Akademie because of its focus on combining art and science, and its mission to provoke thought for social transformation. I’m interested in experimenting with different technologies to express my ideas, and I believe that feedback and insights from the Akademie will support my endeavours.

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