Future Relics: Catalogue #1

»Future Relics: Catalogue#1« is the Web Residency project by writer and artist Polly Gregson who was selected for the third »Schlosspost Web Residencies«, curated by Apparatus 22 on the topic »SUPRAINFINIT: L’Avenir redux«.

Polly Gregson / Cornwall, UK — Okt 12, 2016

Polly Gregson, »Future Relics«, cover, »Suprainfinit L'Avenir Redux«, 2016
»Future Relics« by Polly Gregson, Open Call No. 3 Suprainfinit L'Avenir Redux

Fragments of an archive from the future. Preserved species, pages from new dictionaries, blueprints, diaries, resistant materials and instructions on how to use them, contingency plans, currency and ghosts from a time we haven’t reached yet. How will we label the consequences of environmental collapse, in what folder will we document pandemic, and how will corruption fit in a cabinet? This project proposes to compile evidence of future scenarios based upon speculation and extrapolation, to generate domesticity in a time of panic and to piece together a blinking image of the possible.

The final product will resemble a catalogued collection consisting of fabricated primary and secondary sources, photographed objects and the narrative presence of an archivist told through an earnest labelling system. The futures presented will draw on current plausibilities, from climate change to mass genocide, disease to technological dictatorship, and will exist alongside contemporary projections and statistics.

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