Private: How Do I Explain It to My Timeline?

Leander Schwazer / Stuttgart, Germany — Okt 24, 2016

Portfolio: portfoliolegend3_Schwazer

A durational performance shall help to wrap my mind around this. Since September, I am creating a meme every day, talking about ideas, the daily grind, my art, con-fronting information and news with my own picture. Something emerges –– I cannot just yet say what exactly it is. I publish the memes on my homepage, they become part and create a sphere where millions of other portraits are taken and uploaded in real-time. Sometimes I can’t say what was first, the meme or the day.

When does a day start anyway? Or end? When the clock strikes midnight? Or when I leave the dancefloor, sip my espresso, smoke that first cigarette … It shouldn’t be numbers that dictate our daily routine, but questions and hope.

So let us create a peculiar time system based on the poetics of the meme: the SUPRAINFINIT Calendar. I want to upload memes on the Akademie’s social media channels, every meme will mark a new day, time will expand, collapse, maybe even in the same moment –– and render the expansion of the SUPRAINFINITE Universe.

Leander Schwazer is a conceptual Artist, born in 1982 in Vipiteno (Italy). He studied in Zurich and Beijing before completing his Studies at the California Insitute of the Arts in Valencia, California. In his work Leander Schwazer makes something speak, which perhaps is before or maybe after the human.
Solo Shows at Museion Project Room Bolzano, Kunstraum B Kiel, Horbourg Basel, Ar/ge Bolzano. Group Shows at Taxispalais Innsbruck, Villa Arson Nice, Greene Exhibitions Los Angeles, ICA Singapore.

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