Private: I’ve been Outside Once.

Olivia Dreisinger & Gergő Kovács / Canada & Hungary — Okt 24, 2016

Portfolio: Dreisinger&Kovács-portfolio

»I’ve been outside once« is a web transcendental journey, a post-religious digital prolonged ritual of buried emotions and computer blessings. May all your peripherals stay clean. Let not the keyboard suffer. In this story, a willful priest goes on a blind date with a hateful corporate official. What starts as disgust soon turns into a passionate affair. What role will an actor in possession of stolen technology play in their relationship?

In conversation with each other, we propose to make a web installation, a video and photo series implanted on digital canvas. We will also invite an artist to make a special mixtape for the installation to provide a full audio-visual experience.

Gergő Kovács is an emotionally vulnerable and insecure digital hoarder.

Olivia Dreisinger is a stupid peasant looking for lost love online.

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