Know yr Soul, Child

Lara Mandelbrot / Berlin, Germany — Okt 24, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Know yr Soul, Child

»know yr soul, child« is an interactive web installation, an ephemeral, fleeting portal into a new spirituality, post-shame, post-capitalism, post-religion-as-institution. The Visitor goes through a purification ritual as they visit various sections of the site, choosing their own path, confronting their fears and feelings of inadequacy, sharing their secrets, all without having to abide by any strict rules or obey any sort of patriarchal religious figures. The space itself shifts and changes with the path taken by the Visitor. Various sections are automatically generated and rarely look the same twice, while some vanish or reappear depending on variables such as date, time and local weather. The installation is just as much a living body as it is an object, as much a living being as it is an amalgamation of computer code.

»know yr soul, child« will be released under the most permissive open source licence, the MIT licence, permitting anyone to copy, modify and contribute to its code, stressing its role as both a living, evolving being, but also a communal vessel, available to anyone who desires to interact with it.

Lara Mandelbrot is an artist/programmer from Bucharest, Romania, currently living in Berlin, Germany. She builds web installations, silly twitter bots and virtual mood rings. She also works with implantable electronics as an art medium and fully intends on becoming a cyborg when she grows up. She has an NFC tag implanted in her hand and she loves him like a tiny, glass-encapsulated son. She hates writing bios about herself.

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