Private: Late Fantasmagorism (An Occasion to Forget Again)

Campos García José Luis / México City — Okt 24, 2016

Portfolio: luis-portfolio

How to draw a ghost?: Easy, just make a translation and repeat the task again again.

We insist of living from the death..
The history is a logical technique progression but is a past disclamation too, the space/time transcendence in internet is a clock of life in a timeline that no one wants to scroll down, an overwriting archive full of pentimenti, obliteration and palimpsest in a big hard multidimensional and translucent white cover without form.
I want develope a pictorial corpus of work by analogic and digital translations emphasizing the process as formal element in the investigation of invisible and collective forget. Create a digital repository of information representing syncretic way of painting and its potential as a historiographical element. Conclude an investigation on technical “progress” in painting and the relationship it has with art and contemporary modes of production in relation to the palimpsest from layers.
draw a picture and translate it into animated gif, then pass it to sound and translate it into painting every two weeks.

José Luis Campos Garcia (Mexico City, 1989) is a graduate degree in Visual Arts at the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving „La Esmeralda“.
His work mixes dimensional and sculptural supports, mediated processes analog and digital production. This work is installed in the exhibition space as an expanded statement, in which the drawing is proposed as a formal constant for critical reflection on the consumer society and its effects on regional notions about: the popular, dream, political, religious, violent and everyday life. He is currently run AMIGO editores; It is creditor prize acquisition in the XXXVI National Meeting of Young Art of Aguascalientes in April 2016, has a solo exhibition in museo experimental el eco and part of the painting cycle for the platform
both on september 2016.

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