Private: Les Femmes Romantiques

Anastasia Manole / Bucharest, Romania — Okt 24, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Private: Les Femmes Romantiques

Portfolio: portfolio

I started some months ago researching about how the concept femininity has an impact on both male and female perception of themselves ad being professional. The research has been taking the form of video tests (see in my portfolio the links) for a longer feature or series that I want to focus on the metaphoric associations of femininity.
Being raised from an early age with Avon catalogs, telenovelas, with big ads of women being as FEMININE AS THEY CAN BE, the term womanly, girlish always has been associated in my mind with a set of attributes, behaviors, and roles that imply frailty, gentleness, sensitivity, tenderness, passivity, caring, sweetness, compassion. Women are like flowers, maybe they should wear some flowers also. But when it comes to be taken seriously for my skills and my intelligence I always find myself in the position to have to prove by acting and dressing as manly, neutral as possible, trying to stall the attention from my body. Even though in the last years I became more acquainted with the way that these concepts are constructed, is still hard for me to release myself from this internalized gender training that I was educated in to.
Girls wear pink, boys wear blue, this is the way we are raised. But girls should also wear blue when it comes to prove their equality.

I managed co-curated 2 cultural spaces Victoria Art Center (2014-present) Centrul Artelor Vizuale – multimedia center (2014-2015, and starting October this year again). I was an assistant at the University of Arts from 2013-2016 and started a project that formmed a local group of young artists called Nucleu 0000, with who I exhibit mostly.

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