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Ernst Markus Stein / Berlin, Germany — Okt 24, 2016

Portfolio: ems_asciistuffs

For the Schlosspost Web Residency, I would like to visit my grandma for a month. In the past years before my grandpa died, he started to get into computers and the internet. He bought himself a laptop and went to an adult education centre to learn how to use his new tool.
After his death, my grandma kept the laptop as well as the internet contract but has never touched it. She has no education or experiences with computers and the internet, but she still has curiosity combined with fear about the device and what one can do with it.
I would like to spend the time of the residency with her and show her how to use a computer and what it can be helpful for so that she becomes more confident with it.
I want to start compiling an OS and interface design that works for elderly and non-experienced / -educated people who are interested in computers but don’t feel confident or safe enough to get started on their own. I would like to document the one-month education program and develop a final statement together with my grandma.

As she is already 75 years old, she also has a different attention span and capacity of information that she can take in – therefore, I think a month is a good amount of time and while she has to do other stuff and digest the new enviorenment, I would also like to take the time to continue working on my yacht club project [] which I started in late spring this year but can t find the right time and capacity to finish the main structure of the website. The graphics are all ascii-based drawings and experiments with old drawing software (mtPaint) and terminal based image and motion manipulation (libcaca graphics library). The code is written in jibberish, a variation of the gibberish programming language for building simple websites in the terminal- the code is very restrictive and simple but at the same time serves well to present information and image based narratives.

Ernst Markus Stein
*1984 – radio maker and founder of, DJ and visual artist. DIYChurch is a weekly online 2hr
long live stream that is around the internet since 2009 and tries to reflect and represent independent non
commercial culture,art and music. Ernst Markus Stein has been doing radioplays and radio works since the early 2000 and did works for ORF, Wavefarm, NTS Live, WDR, Goethe Institut, Radio Central, RadioLibertaire, Cynetart Festival, WFMU and released a number of self published radio plays – he is not in fact a DJ, but rather an eccentric virtual yacht club owner with a passion for aquatic landscape painting. Ernst Markus Stein aka. DJ ShlucHT has lectured on this and other pursuits at forums across the world, including EBM(T) in Tokyo (JP), the Goethe Institut in Washington, DC (USA), Parsons College in Paris (France), and the Burlington Fine Arts Club in Manchester (UK).

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