Party Church

Bex Ilsley & Zandi Dandizette, Liverpool/UK & Vancouver/Canada — Okt 24, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Party Church

Portfolio: portfoliobexzandi is the future location of a proposed place of worship and reflection. Zandi Dandizette and Bex Ilsley present a gif-based performance art channel and interactive chat with invited artists (based on the engine used at to host moving images of the othered self as a symbol of worship.

The search for an authentic self is a loop, like a gif. It seems that there is no glorified return, only the permission to be what you already were when you began – and yet – If digital being provides a way to transcend the limits of the body, can a more solid authenticity be found paradoxically, through the use of fantasy, othering and self-deification?

This project would facilitate the conception of a new performance gif-chat website, in which a selected group of artists may stage performative works. The gifs produced consist 10 frames recorded over 2 seconds, played back over 0.92 seconds. Artists are able to download and save the gifs for their social media content.

Gifs allow the user to be more considered with their individual movements while still interacting live with an audience.


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