Permaculture Network

Gary Zhexi Zhang & Agnes Cameron / Ein Qinyya, Palestine — Jul 9, 2019

Zhexi Zhang, Cameron, »Permaculture Network«, 2019

We are currently based at Sakiya, a pedagogical organisation dedicated to art, science and agriculture in the village of Ein Qinyya, Palestine. A re-wilded site for ecological conservation and permaculture, our work with Sakiya is centred around helping to establish its physical and digital infrastructure.

We intend to build a local mesh network for the site (which covers a remote area of hillside), and for this project we are interested in literally »grounding« the network, by building a local communication system which grows with the changing characteristics of the land itself — through environmental sensing of soil, weather and movement. Information from these sensors will feed into a generative, web-based simulation through which we will experiment with agent-based speculative fictions which speak through the dynamics of the land. More locally, this infrastructure will be used to help continue the work of Sakiya as a permaculture institute.

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