Politics, Activism and Cosmetics in Practice

Maria Christina Hilber / Southtyrol, Italy & Vienna, Austria — Okt 24, 2016

Portfolio: portfolio_hilber_10_2016

EM:MA@Robin appears as web-aunt, a self-proclaimed ambassadress. EM:MA@Robin observes the medial news coverage and the behind. They look for fractions and scars and try to make them speakable and visible. He/she/it enters traumas of the wwworld, uncovers their inscriptions along the skin and rewrites them. Rewrites them. Alternative neuralgic GIFs are tied, new narratives get spoken.
With this web-residency EM:MA@Robin create neologism, that they animate as gifs. To do so, they will analyse weekly two statements of politicians transmitted through online-media and transforming those phrases into the potential opposite.
ex. The right thing. – The right thing wing. – The right wing is raising.
The gifs will be shared on the already prepared social media channels: facebook, twitter, tumblr.

Beyond being a storyteller, Em:ma@Robin is a figure of civil society, that sets herself into the open source channel. He/she/it is looking for alternative realities and new ways of constructive narration. They proclaim societies of health and growth, rather than constant connivance of desperate violence and enclosure. Looking for individual empowerment, the face becomes more than a projection wall – a mirror and a canvas. Reality appears, as we draw our ray of attention on it. We re-draw the view and decide to follow our own realities. And, as already others said: We are many.
Politics, activism and cosmetics in practice.

Maria Christina Hilber, works between Vienna/AT and Südtirol/IT, writes performative texts, audio plays and essays. Also she hosts and facilitates spaces for mutual nourishment. She studies Art&Science at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and studied Design&Arts at the Free University of Bolzano. She is initiator of NANG.temporäres Literaturhaus and The Heartjob)s( Institute together with art theorist and performer Nicole Sabella. Short List: Web-Residency Solitude No. 1 with: http://www.hyperlinkessays.net/


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