Private: PORTALS

Scott Eric Williams / South Africa — Okt 24, 2016

Akademie Schloss Solitude - Private: PORTALS

Portfolio: Williams_portfolio

PORTALS explores doors 2 SUPRAINFINIT by performance, public art.Doors are created by wheatpaste collage of archival & modern doors.They are put in public by equivalents of municipal workers.As municipal workers clean space they dont inhabit, our worker places portals, not open them.Maybe SUPRAINFINIT portal entry is overseen by laborers who disrupt space. They prompt attempts 2 visit SUPRAINFINIT.If no co-ordinates exist then maybe you journey via portal from connected locations in our known world to points in ‘spacetime’.Would one need gateways?Is SUPRAINFINIT really utopia?Do portals REALLY lead there if Pandora’s box didn’t?Crew of Lewis & Clark died on Event Horizon.Ghana’s Coast portals were ‘doors of no return’ 2 slaves from 1482-1786.History & sci-fi show us perils accompany open portals.The Bible recites protection & peril by portal where God wreaks vengeance on the Egyptians for abusing his people.For his adherents safety they sprinkle lambs blood on their doorposts.Ones who marked their portal & stayed behind it were saved and God led faithful 2 reward thru a Red Sea portal.The concept of portals is essential to Muslims too.Prayers & prayermats are gates to paradise.Do our laborers likewise lead ones seeking SUPRAINFINIT? Can access 2 the divine be opened by laborers?

Scott Eric Williams is an artist who uses diverse media to reflect on trade influenced by urban migrations, and to contemplate experiences of land and relationships with technology within the inner-city context.
Through use of urban detritus he strives to make sense of the city. Scott was a founding member of the Burning Museum collective and a participant of the OpenLab 2016 residency with the Free State Arts Festival.

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