Raycaster Residence

Shirin Anlen / Tel Aviv; New York — Jun 24, 2017

Raycaster is an interaction design studio with no physical space, as it is run by creators living across the world. The lack of a physical office space, though acceptable in the current economy, is not ideal. Not only do potential customers feel more comfortable
Knowing that we have an office, our families also still doubt that we actually have work to do, even if it’s from bed.

We’d like to build an online residence, a virtual office where one could come and have coffee with during our opening hours and chat our avatars, operated by chat-bots.
We plan to share our process in the form of screenshots of our desktops update every minute. How will this affect our working habits?
Would a virtual 9-5 office help us have a better work-life balance?

Our inspirations for the design of our virtual agency are 2D video games such as Jones in the fast lane (https://goo.gl/BeCo) and even online »surveillance« option such as Sagmeister and Walsh’s studio are operating on their website.

About us:
We are interactive creators working at the intersection of documentary, video games and volumetric photography. Our work applying new emerging technologies in order to challenge, explore and enrich audio- visual experiences. Together and separately our works were featured at Festival de Cannes, MOMA, IDFA DocLab, SIGGRAPH, HeK- House of Electronic Basel, Museum of Moscow and the Israeli Center of Digital Art.

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