Nicolas Sassoon / Vancouver BC, Canada — Jun 22, 2017

Nicolas Sassoon, Skylight, Fractal Horses, 2017

SKYLIGHT is a large animated GIF, vastly exceeding the size of common screens (7680 x 2160 pixels), inviting viewers to scroll within their web browser to reveal the animation. SKYLIGHT depicts an architecture seen through isometric perspective, rendered using pixel patterns, digital moiré, and a monochromatic palette. The architecture in SKYLIGHT is based on an existing artist-run space from Vancouver, Canada, also titled Skylight. Between 2014 and 2016, Skylight hosted numerous art exhibitions, electronic music, and live performance events before shutting down in 2016. The animation SKYLIGHT portrays the venue being set up for an event coproduced by the artist in August 2016.

Nicolas Sassoon

Nicolas Sassoon employs early computer imaging techniques to render architectures, landscapes, and natural forces. Sassoon’s practice translates ideas of materiality and immateriality into digital animations, installations, prints, and sculptures. His work explores the contemplative and projective dimensions of screen-based space, and how the digital image can express dimensions of the physical realm. Sassoon is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is a founder of the projects WALLPAPERS and SIGNALS.

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