Tally Saves the Internet and Chasing the Sun

Tally Saves the Internet is a browser extension that transforms data advertisers collect into a multiplayer game. Once installed, a friendly pink blob named Tally lives in the corner of your screen and warns you when companies translate your human experiences into free behavioral data. When Tally encounters »product monsters,« you can capture them in a turn based battle transforming the game into a progressive tracker blocker.


Joelle Dietrick and Owen Mundy (Sneakaway Studio) / — Jul 22, 2021

Sneakaway Studio - Tally Saves the Internet and Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun is a series of animations that automatically plays on phones as the sun sets in each time zone: inspired by our daughter’s desire to chase the sun so she never sleeps, the project’s imagery consists of extinct plants, passive houses, and female mentors.

Both involve mutations about the digital divide: Tally mutates products and our desire for those products into creatures that appear within the web browser and snap us into awareness of data trackers, and Chasing the Sun uses code to randomly remix lost plants and hopeful architectural designs.

Both need feedback from like-minded creators.

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